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Catering Menu
for 3-5 people

Golden Crab, Crispy Egg Roll, Baby Shrimp Egg Roll & Gyoza 35/half tray
Rice/Noodle Tray 35/half tray
Haft tray of choice; fried rice or pad Thai or lad Nar or pad see iew or drunken noodle with your choice of meat
(add $10 for beef or shrimp)
Stir Fried Tray 39/half tray
You can pick from Thai entrée section with your choice of meat (add $ 10 for beef or shrimp)
The stir fried tray will in could a small tray of steam Jasmine rice.
Sushi Roll 29.99/5 rolls
California roll, sweet potato roll, shrimp tempura roll, cucumber roll or avocado roll and Philadelphia roll.